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In a world of exponential and continuous change, it has become more critical than ever to ensure that CAs(SA) remain relevant in the roles they perform. As technology continues to improve and be more and more prevalent in the typical accounting space, so this creates both challenges and opportunities for current and future members and associates of SAICA. The CA2025 project being undertaken is formally researching the competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) that CAs(SA) will need to demonstrate in the workplace of the future.
This project seeks to detail the competencies most needed and these will be defined in a competency framework which will inform various aspects of the pre-qualification process (further projects that will follow include: review of the education and training model, review of SAICA’s formal assessments, and facilitating improvements to teaching and learning approaches) as well as the post qualification process (further projects that will follow include: post qualifications specialisations, and improved SAICA offerings related to non-technical learning and development).
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